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Our vision at Sherwood is to prepare students for the world they will be living in by nurturing the development of independent, lifelong learners. We want to create in students the ability to take ownership over their own learning, knowing that learning is a process that will help them understand and be successful in the world around them. In order for students to develop into independent, lifelong learners, our curriculum and our classroom instruction is rigorous and relevant to our student’s lives.

As parents, it is important that you know what your child needs to know and be able to do at each grade level. In Washington State, there are standards at each grade level that outline what we want children to learn. These standards are our curriculum; it is what we teach. We encourage you to look at the standards, talk with your child and your child's teacher about the standards. You can look, and download, the standards from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction's (OSPI) website at

At Sherwood, we teach these standards using a variety of instructional strategies that teach the skills of learning; working together cooperatively, learning through different multiple intelligences, using technology to enhance their learning and the important skills of critical thinking. We want students to be active participants in their learning and to take with them skills of learning that they can use throughout their lives.