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At Sherwood, our entire staff works together to make placement decisions for the coming year.  Our goal is to make all classes as balanced as possible, including our multi-age classes.  We know that students learn in a variety of ways, have a variety of interests and learn both academically and socially at different rates. Creating balanced classes honors the diversity of our student population and creates a learning environment where all students can reach their full potential.  We take into account a variety of factors in this process of balancing classes: students’ academic, social/behavioral abilities, gender and ethnicity as well as student learning styles, dispositions and relationships. Working together, we use our professional knowledge and experience to create balanced classes that are in the best interest of all students.

As a parent, you are an important part of this process!  In the spring, we invite you to give us information about your child that would assist us in the placement process.  If you wish, you may write a letter that explains what learning goals you have for your child and other social or academic information you think would be helpful for us to know.  Here are some questions to guide your thinking:

  • What are the strengths of your child? 
  • What were some important ideas or concepts have they learned this year, both academically and socially? 
  • What are your goals for your child in the coming year? 
  • What information would you like us to know about your child’s interests, their learning style, and/or their personality? 
  • What is important to you as a parent about your child’s education? 

The more input we have from you about your hopes and dreams for your child, the better we will be able to educate your child.  We do not, however, take requests for specific teachers as teacher assignments may change throughout the summer and the staffing process. In order for us to balance classes as well as possible, your input about your child’s needs is essential information for us as professionals and we encourage you to share that with us! 

At the end of August, you will receive classroom placement information for your child via e-mail or through Skyward Family Access.  Please make sure our office has your e-mail address. If you do not have an email address, let us know in the office and we can make sure to get this information to you. We send class placement information to you in late August because placement decisions, staff assignments and student enrollment often change throughout the summer.  Please remember all class placements are tentative until after the 4th day of school in September (called the 4th day count).  This is the date that determines if any school wide adjustments in student and teacher assignments need to be made based on final enrollment and staffing allocations. 

If you have any problems or concerns that affect your child and their learning, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher and/or Mrs. Saltzman.  We believe that problems need to be addressed openly and can be solved through direct and respectful communication.  If there is an issue, the principal, the parent and the teacher will meet together to work through the concern.  We will also follow up afterwards to make sure the issue was resolved. 

Changes to Classroom Placements: If a parent requests a change to a classroom placement, then Mrs. Saltzman will schedule a meeting with the parent and the teacher to discuss the concern.  Our goal is to resolve any issues with the teacher and the parent openly and honestly.  A plan will be made to address the concern, and Mrs. Saltzman and the teacher will follow up with the parent to make sure the concern has been addressed.  A classroom change may be considered, if the issue is not resolved after a period of time (usually about 6 weeks) and only if there is classroom space available.

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