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Guidelines for Behavior

Behavior Goals and Expectations


At Sherwood, we ask that all children (and all adults!) are kind, safe and are learners. These three guidelines encompass all possible behavior issues and help guide students to reflect, think about their actions and make good choices. Just like reading, writing and mathematics, behavior is something that we need to teach children, and just like other aspects of learning, mistakes are often made. We will guide children through problem solving processes, hold clear expectations of appropriate behavior and encourage students to reflect on their mistakes and their successes. Here are our guidelines and some bullet points that help describe each guideline:

Be Kind

  • Say kind words, encourage each other
  • Be respectful; respond when you are spoken to
  • Look for opportunities to be helpful
  • Tell the truth
  • Include everyone: share, take turns, ask
    others to join
  • Take care of materials (school property)
  • Think about how your actions and words affect others

Be Safe

  • An adult always needs to know where you are
  • Walk (except on the playfield)
  • Walk bikes and skateboards on school grounds
  • Be safe with your words and actions (keep hands
    to self, etc.)
  • Communicate with adults and children when you have a problem
  • Food only in appropriate places (lunchroom, classroom if appropriate - not on playground, including gum)

Be a Learner

  • Actively participate in your learning
  • Persevere – work even when it is hard!
  • Ask questions, wonder, think – enjoy!
  • Work with others to learn
  • Be a role model
  • Keep distractions away from your learning and other’s learning (electronics, toys, walking quietly past other classrooms)

This is the language we will use at Sherwood when talking with children about their behavior. Behavior issues that escalate to violence will be dealt with immediately and specifically based on the context of the situation. Excessive or recurrent disruptive behavior will result in consequences that will range from parent phone calls, parent meetings, in-school suspensions or out of school suspensions. We commit to work with children and families to support kind, safe and learning behavior for all children.

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