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Best Books


Edmonds School District Battle Champions from Sherwood:
2007, 2009, 2011, 2012

Best Books are available in the library. The online quiz is active.  Complete 2 book quizzes to have a mini-poster of your best book accomplishments hanging in the library!


BEST BOOK QUIZZES (book specific) <see book titles below>


What is best books?

Best Books is a program developed each year by the Librarians throughout the Edmonds School District.  The list of books is a combination of the  WLA Sasquatch Award  and the Edmonds Windows & Mirrors Award list.  It contains 20 books, of varied genre, for students in grades 4-6. The librarians develop activities, and produce a district-wide "Battle of the Best Books"  competition.  Students are challenged to read as many of the best books as possible during the year.  The program ends in early June.  A list of the current best books is listed below.

What happens when a student completes a book?

Students can take an online quiz (links above) or they can come to the library, before school / during recess, for a short 3-4 question discussion/quiz (I'm just checking to see if they read the book). If a book is read in class, teachers may give their class a quiz. Students who read 15 or more books are invited to a celebration in June!

Is there a class competition?

Yes, all the books read by a class are added together. Standings are posted in the library and below on this page.  The class with the most books read earns an extra recess time in late June.

What is the Battle of the Best Books?

The battle is a yearly, district-wide competition.  Each participating school sends two - 4 member teams to compete.  Teams are given several rounds of questions about the Best Books. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins!

This year's district battle will be at TBD on Friday, May 1, 2020.

How are teams formed?

Teams consist of up to 4 students.  They can be in grades 4-5-6 and from any classroom. Students have mentioned that the better teams include a diverse membership. All of the past Sherwood teams have included boys and girls. Students develop teams on their own.  They are also responsible for organizing their team and preparing for the competition.

How are Sherwood teams selected to compete at the district level?

There is a school competition held a few weeks prior to the district event.  This occurs during the lunch hour in the library.  The top two teams advance to the Edmonds School District competition.

Sherwood Competition: Monday, April 20, 2020 during intermediate lunch recess/lunch (about 2 weeks prior to the district competition).

2020 Best Book Class Challenge Leader Board
updated 2/28/2020, 2 pm

Wildenhaus 167
Alderson 144
Christensen 127
Gibson 61
Mindt 38
Hopper 29
Gr. 6 - M&Ms 15
Gr. 6 - Twix 9
Gr. 6 - KitKat 3

Past Class Challenge Winners

2019: Alderson (175 books) / School Total: 980 books
2018: Mindt (85 books) / School Total: 363 books
2017: Gibson (137 books) / School Total: 509 books
2016: Mindt (153 books) / School Total: 448 books
2015: Alderson (132 books) / School Total: 533 books
2014: Morgan (257 books) / School Total: 1079 books
2013: Mindt (256 books) / School Total: 910 books
2012: Bogert (92 books) / School Total: 299 books
2011: Alderson (257 books) / School Total: 880 books

2019 Best Book bookmark Link (3 per page, print at home, cut in thirds, share with friends! )

Amina's Voice by Hena Khan
Book Trailer  Book Trailer   Author Video   Author Q & A Video   QUIZ 

Ashes to Asheville by Sarah Dooley
Book Trailer   QUIZ

Bailey's Story by W. Bruce Cameron
Book Trailer   Book Trailer   QUIZ

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground by Rita Williams-Garcia
Book Trailer   QUIZ

The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora by Pablo Cartaya
Book Trailer   Book Review   Author Visits sites in Miami   QUIZ

The First Rule of Punk by Celia C. Perez
Book Trailer  Book Trailer    QUIZ

Forever, or a Long, Long Time by Caela Carter
Book Review   Kids Read Review   QUIZ

The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson
Book Trailer   Book Trailer   Book Trailer   QUIZ

Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly
Book Trailer   Book Trailer   Book Trailer   QUIZ

Macy McMillan and the Rainbow Goddess by Shari Green
Book Trailer   QUIZ

The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming by J. Anderson Coates
Book Trailer   QUIZ

The Mighty Odds by Amy Ingatow
Book Trailer (spoilers)    Author PBS Interview   QUIZ

Mrs. Smith's Spy School for Girls by Beth McMullen
Book Review Video   Book Review Video   QUIZ

The Only Road by Alexander Diaz
Book Trailer   Book Trailer   Book Review Video   QUIZ

Real Friends by Shannon Hale & LeUyen Pham
Book Trailer    Book Trailer   Series   QUIZ

Refugee by Alan Gratz
Book Trailer   Book Review Video   QUIZ

The Song from Somewhere Else by A.F. Harrold
Book Trailer   QUIZ

Spirit Hunters by Ellen Oh
Book Trailer   Book Review Video   Author Talks About Book   QUIZ

Tumble & Blue by Cassie Beasley
Book Trailer   QUIZ

Wishtree by Katherine Applegate
Book Trailer   Book Trailer     QUIZ