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Wishlist / Donations


Here are some things we could use in the library. If you'd like to donate something on the list, please contact the librarian. See below for a FAQ on donation of books.

  • clipboards
  • contact paper
  • crayons
  • erasers (large pink)
  • glue (school glue or glue sticks)
  • Paper (8 1/2" x 11" ruled)
  • Paper (origami)
  • Pens (ballpoint, any colors)
  • Pencils (regular #2)
  • Staples
  • Scotch tape refill rolls
  • tool box/set (w/ tools - especially sm. screwdrivers, sm. wrench, etc. for repairs)
  • Table cloths (blue or green cloth)
  • 2x4 boards (about 30 inches long)
  • Color pencils
  • Markers (water-based, non-permanent
  • digital cameras (w/ SD card)
  • Legos or blocks
  • matchbox sized cars/airplanes
  • scissors (any sizes)
  • donations (cash/check) for books and other library materials/supplies

There is also an Amazon wishlist sponsored by the Sherwood PSO with a list of books we'd like!


Can I or others donate books to the library?

Yes, but the books must be appropriate for our collection and match the district's selection policy.  It currently cost us just over $1 to process (catalog, barcode, stamp, and label) a donated book so we can't accept everything. Contact the librarian for more information. 

Can magazine subscriptions be donated?

Yes! People interested in donating should contact the librarian. We order our magazines at a low cost school rate through a vendor contracted with the school district. Magazines must be appropriate for our school's collection and match the district's selection policy.

Can other magazines, like old National Geographic magazines be donated?

The library will not accept the donation of old magazines for several reasons: 1) They are out-of-date. We want our students to use current information. 2) We don't have the physical space to store them. 3) Experience shows elementary students rarely use them for research or pleasure reading.  Consider donating them to classrooms for cutting up when doing projects.

What about other donations?

See our wish list at the top of this page!